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Mock Draft 3.1 and Post-Combine Top-30 - Ep. 31

Mock Draft 3.1 and Post-Combine Top-30 - Ep. 31

An audio upload from our YouTube Mock Draft 3.1, looking at our predictions for selections 1-30

We’re all about user feedback here at The Box and One!

We got a special request (or two or three) to upload our YouTube Mock Drafts in audio-only form to The Box and One Podcast and — hey, we figured we’d oblige. Join us here for mock draft 3.1, looking at selections 1-30.

Only a week removed from the 2022 NBA Draft Lottery, we're coming out with a revised version of our mock draft. WHY? The rumors after the NBA Draft Combine and a long week in Chicago keep swirling, providing a little more clarity as to who is going in what range, how the top three in the draft will shake out, and a few late-risers who have turned into first round selections.

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