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The Box and One Podcast, Ep. 4: Jackson Frank

The Box and One Podcast, Ep. 4: Jackson Frank

Jackson Frank stops by to preview six of the most fascinating teams ahead of the NBA season

Jackson Frank from UPROXX and Liberty Ballers stops by the podcast to discuss the 2021-22 NBA season and the six most fascinating teams out there. We each chose three franchises that we were intrigued by, without giving many parameters for what made them fascinating. Our discussion ranged from team-building to young players taking the next step, inexplicable coaching decisions to returns from injury and everything in-between

Follow Jackson on Twitter at @jackfrank_jjf for more of his fantastic work on the NBA

-Golden State Warriors (3:48)

-Toronto Raptors (16:18)

-Cleveland Cavaliers (27:38)

-Los Angeles Clippers (38:42)

-New Orleans Pelicans (46:25)

-Dallas Mavericks (1:00:27)